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REAL Wellness Qualities Worth Cultivating For A Tight Job Market

Friday March 27, 2009

"Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again." Anonymous

In the previous essay, I noted the difficulties everyone has finding not just the best kind of work but any work at all during the current crises of record high unemployment rates. The reality today is that anyone looking for work faces a brutal job market. In such a situation, it's worth realizing that you can boost your chances by attending to REAL wellness, as well as meeting the usual job requirements of specific openings (for example, appropriate credentials, contacts and references). Why? Because a REAL wellness philosophy and lifestyle will assist in demonstrating to prospective employers that hiring you will not risk higher insurance ratings—but likely WILL boost productivity levels. In an economic crisis, companies are sensitive to this hiring variable. Organizations want to employ the wellest of the well, other things being anywhere near the same.

If this interest in prospective employee lifestyles and attitudes has been somewhat of a factor to date, allow for the possibility that it could become much more evident in the economic downturn. Let's think about what could happen if employers made REAL wellness a top hiring priority of a highly visible nature. Suppose top companies declared their interest in hiring those who best understand and manifest REAL wellness qualities. This means they would develop innovative ways to identify candidates who embrace personal responsibility, fitness and good health practices. They would, in other words, consciously search for candidates who know and care about happiness, work that has meaning, high ethical standards, a concern for the environment, devotion to critical thinking and other elements of a mindset that champions reason, exuberance and liberty.

If this happened, and it might (at least at the best companies whose leaders seek candidates prepared mentally and physically as well as professionally), what might mission statement, advertisements, want ads and other company materials look like? Here are some not-so-remote examples of statements that could start appearing that signal organization expectations in the 21st century job market:

Other qualities likely to be addressed in company ads for REAL wellness-oriented job candidates might include:

In summary, a splendid REAL wellness lifestyle, while its own reward many times over, also has practical advantages, such as boosting your prospects in a tight job market. This is not as consequential as the fact that such a mindset, philosophy and lifestyle will protect and build your immunity while maintaining and boosting your morale and capacity to flourish. But, since everyone has to make a living, it's not to be ignored, either.

Wellness qualities are always advantageous, but when times are tough, such qualities lend toughness, as well. The weak in body, mind and morale will be first to succumb to unrelenting demands, stresses, setbacks and other misfortunes that accompany prolonged crises. Your family, friends and perfect strangers need you at your best, providing leadership, guidance, inspiration and hope. So, don't be bashful about making clear to any prospective employer, even if the company does not yet have want ads that feature some of the ideas noted above, that you care about and live in accordance with REAL wellness values.

Be well and always look on the bright side of life, especially when good jobs are hard to find. A brighter future lays ahead, especially for REAL wellness enthusiasts.

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