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Book: Aging Beyond Belief by Don Ardell

If you plan to age, prepare yourself — it's later than you think. The challenge of aging well should be taken seriously, but not grimly! Whatever your age, it's never too soon, or too late, to learn and apply the fine art of aging well, really well. Discover what aspects of aging can't be changed and improve the rest that can. Mold your own realities with REAL wellness, Ardell-style.

The 69 tips — one for each year of the author's life — are thought-provoking, challenging, eye-opening, manageable and fun to read. And all provide practical guidance for intelligently designing your own life-style evolution.
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by Donald B. Ardell, Ph. D.
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Wellness in the Headlines
(Don's Report to the World)

Moving Toward Global Wellness: Where We Are Versus Where The Wellness Movement Might Need To Go (Part Four)

Friday March 7, 2008

A new focus on a global scale for REAL wellness in the years to come invites an agenda that promotes broader values, goals, ways of thinking, outcomes and purposes. The following list is not exhaustive, only suggestive of areas of involvement for REAL global wellness. It does hint at where REAL international wellness could go. Why settle for a less inspiring or consequential vision for our expanding profession?

It is said that, "the heroes of our history are the scientists and thinkers who explored new horizons and thus improved our understanding of humanity. Darwin's evolutionary principles changed forever our perception of the human species and the nature of life." (Source: The Center for Inquiry Transnational, E-mail invitation to Darwin Day, February 9, 2008.) Are the agenda issues noted above not "new horizons" left for today's international wellness leaders to explore? Can contemporary wellness promoters contribute to an improved understanding of the nature of a higher standard of quality of life? Can they guide or otherwise facilitate major increases in the number of people across the globe who realize better lives in measurable terms?

In a paradoxical fashion, might the current low points of functioning (e.g., unprecedented chronic diseases, obesity, global warming, economic dysfunctions, disquiet, etc.) render more likely such a breakthrough in the evolution of the wellness mindset? The latter might be possible because of a greater openness to change in norms and customs, expectations and ambitions than in more satisfying, less restive times.

Wellness advocates can put forward a view of humanity that is based on science, reason and evidence. They can seek to better understand and explain why we are as we are and how we can become better at humanity, gain more control of our fates, take better care of ourselves and each other. Such evolutionary possibilities added to the wellness agenda will lead attention not only to matters of better physical health, but more consequentially, greater exuberance in living, improved life satisfactions, better stewardship of the environments and more.

REAL wellness leadership throughout many nations might bring about major changes for the good in terms of who we think we are and seek to become. The mediocrity of lifestyles seen today may be occasioned by our outdated and inadequate view of human nature, which after all has not been consciously shaped for such benevolent, coherent and positive purposes in the past. Why not in the future? The present challenges and opportunities invite nothing less.

Domain: purpose
Subdomain: applied wellness

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