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by Donald B. Ardell, Ph. D.
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Wellness in the Headlines
(Don's Report to the World)

Wellness Organizations Are Forming Around the World

Saturday July 14, 2007

During this week of the 32nd annual National Wellness Conference (NWC) in America, other nations across the planet are planning their own versions of such events. To organize annual conferences as well as to support a wide range of wellness programs and professional development, countries such as Austria, Denmark, England, Japan, Taiwan and even Lebanon are represented at the NWC this week in Stevens Point, WI. Other visitors from outside the US, from countries with established national wellness organizations, will also be well represented. Here is a summary of wellness organizations already operating across the globe. This listing will be updated periodically, as more nations organize to promote wellness initiatives, especially at the worksite level.

The list begins with the two best-known American wellness organizations.

Contact information: Andre de Jager ( or Hanna van Lingen ( at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Telephone 27 41 504 3222; Fax 27 41 504 2622.

DWV is independent of commercial interests. It serves those seeking wellness as well as those providing services and products in the above-listed sections. DWV develops quality standards for the wellness market based on the original concept and purposes of wellness. Wellness providers that fulfill these quality standards are awarded a seal of approval that helps consumers find quality. This quality seal is well established in Germany and throughout Europe.

In addition DWV:

  • promotes consciousness for wellness by organising and supporting conferences, exhibitions, seminars, etc., as well as continous collaboration with the mass media clarifying the concept of wellness for the public and the professional audience, 
  • initializes and communicates programmes and facilities for the promotion of physical and psycho-social health, 
  • helps in finding schools, academies, etc. for professional education and training in health and wellness topics, 
  • helps finding professional assistance and consultation in the development and realisation of projects promoting (real) wellness,
  • promotes scientific research and projects, 
  • combats the abuse and the exploitation of the original wellness concept.

Contact information: Lutz Hertel (founder and president) +49 211 9542807, Deutscher Wellness Verband, Neusser Str. 35, 40219 Duesseldorf, Germany -

Initial plans are to host an International Conference on perspectives and potentials of health promotion and wellness in May 2008. Contact: Bogda Samon-Swiatoniowski, (,

For an update on international organizations throughout the year, contact Laura Bilderback, Member Services Team Leader at the National Wellness Institute (1300 College Court, P.O. Box 827, Stevens Point, WI 54481) or call 800.243.8694 Ext. 273. The website for the NWI is

Be well. Look on the bright side of life.

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