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ardell wellness report

by Donald B. Ardell, Ph. D.

The Ardell Wellness Report is an electronic newsletter designed to entertain, inform and stimulate. It features ideas associated with a satisfying, exciting AND healthful existence. If you enjoy the daily "Don's Reports," you will love his newsletter.

The Report addresses all of the REAL wellness dimensions promoted at this site, namely, reason (R), exuberance (E), athleticism (A) and liberty L). REAL wellness is about positive approaches, perspectives and possibilities for boosting quality of life. It is not about risk reduction, medical management, prevention or pontification. 

Don in Top HatThe emphasis is on seeking added meaning and purpose, more joy and affection, improved evidence-based decision-making and whatever adds to human happiness. 

Subscribers receive a somewhat regular weekly electronic newsletter. At present, nearly 700 editions of the E-AWR have been sent to subscribers. Multiple back issues are available at no cost to all subscribers.

The AWR is free.  Just use the SeekWellness contact form to send us your name, address and email address.


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