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SeekWellness is a property of Seek Wellness, LLC, a company dedicated to helping individuals, families, communities, worksites and the world achieve wellness. We continually seek like-minded individuals and companies to help us achieve our wellness goals. The following websites meet our criteria:

Today's Dietitian magazine The magazine for nutrition professionals.
Today's Diet and Nutrition magazine The Magazine for Food, Fitness, and Well-Being The Premier Allied Health Employment site
Health and Aging A comprehensive study, discussion, and community where all who age may congregate and grow young together.
Health in Plain English (gout information) A compilation of articles about gout
Eating Disorders Hope Dedicated to offering hope, support and encouragement to those suffering from eating disorders and their loved ones.
Way2hope Help with addiction, mental health, weight, marriage, parenting, senior care, finances, abuse recovery and child safety from people who've been there. serves as an educational guide on wheel chair options, mobility resources and recreational outlets that enhance the lives of individuals of all ages who need mobility assistance.
Alcohol Intervention We solve the alcohol-related problems because these problems are prevalent, pose serious health risks to patients and their families, and are amenable to intervention.
Emotional Competency We are dedicated to helping you develop the essential social skills to recognize, interpret, and respond constructively to emotions in yourself and others.
Fitness Supercenter Home Fitness & Exercise Equipment Home & Commercial Fitness Equipment - Gyms, Treadmills, Free Weights, Abdominals, Back Machines, Dumbbells and more.
Teo Personal Trainer, Entrenador Personal y Coach
Teo Personal Trainer Entrenador Personal y Coach Ontológico
These websites belong to a personal trainer who is working in Argentina to bring wellness to Argentinians and to other Spanish speaking people.

Life Coach Directory (UK)

This directory provides the UK with a huge life coach support network, enabling individuals to find a life coach close to them and appropriate for their needs.
Tardive Dyskinesia Center A website that educates and supports people with tardive dyskinesia.
Nursing Home Abuse A dedicated to informing the public about elder abuse that occurs in nursing homes all over the country.
Nursing Home Abuse Guide A website where families can learn about abuse of seniors in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.
Merlin's Medical Supply Merlin's Medical Supply is your source for durable medical goods, diabetic, incontinence and wound management supplies, and other medical aids.
State Guide to Assisted Living Records and Reports A Place for Mom (APFM), a comprehensive senior living resource, examined every assisted living regulatory agency's process of providing public records and assessed the data using a dozen objective criteria. Each state was then assigned a ranking shown in an interactive map with links to agencies through which families can request records on communities.
Guide for Hospice Patients and Their Families Using Medicare data that the government has yet to publish in a form that consumers can easily use, The Washington Post has created a guide for hospice patients and their families that offers insights into the operations of almost every hospice in the United States.
About Assisted Living Our assisted living guides are written by medical professionals with years of nursing experience, and our state-specific guides cover rules and regulations in easy to understand terms. Fast, affordable, private testosterone testing. 1000 Locations Nationwide

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Last updated: May 2015


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