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editorial and advertising policy

SeekWellness' mission, to help healthcare consumers take charge of their health by giving them unbiased information and support, forms the basis for our editorial and advertising policy.

On our website and in our promotional materials, SeekWellness makes every attempt to provide unbiased information and a variety of perspectives on treatments, philosophies, and products. Our editorial position is one that encompasses various points of view, from health care providers to patients, while maintaining strict standards of accuracy, quality, honesty, and disclosure of all information and funding sources.


Advertisements and products considered for promotion on are screened carefully for quality, appropriateness for our audience, and reputation of the source. Wherever possible, products under consideration are tested and approved by our health experts or a panel of consumers. Advertisements are evaluated in terms of their accuracy, quality, and honesty as well as their possible negative effects on visitors, especially their potential to annoy people seeking health and medical information. Wherever our website hosts advertisements or sponsored links, they are identified and distinguished from our medical content with the word "advertisement."

Sponsorships are designed to provide SeekWellness complete editorial control over content. Exclusive relationships with companies, except in very limited situations, are considered inappropriate to our mission.

Companies with appropriate products will find SeekWellness' concern for and involvement in health consumerism to be an asset to their marketing programs. Since SeekWellness has long been considered a trusted source of quality health and wellness information, companies with a presence on the website will be included in this positive reputation by association. The combination of its highly targeted audiences and trusted relationship with consumers makes SeekWellness an extremely attractive promotional opportunity.

SeekWellness is currently seeking and evaluating advertising, sponsorship, and other relationships with various companies. If you are comfortable with our policy, please ask how we can work with your company to further our common goals.

Last updated July 2011


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