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Presented here is an alphabetical list of all of our current health topics.


introduction to andropause (low testosterone)
How Do You Know If You Have Low Testosterone?
Andropause: Low Testosterone Levels In Men
Low Testosterone In The Aging Male: Illustrations
Low Testosterone Levels In Men
Testosterone And Age
Testosterone Production
Diagnosing Low Testosterone: Low Testosterone Tests And Normal Testosterone Level
Low Testosterone Test (adam Questionnaire) To Measure Symptoms
Is It Low T? Ams Quiz Tracks Your Low Testosterone Symptoms
low testosterone treatments
How To Increase Testosterone Naturally Or With Testosterone Treatment
Benefits Of Low Testosterone Treatment
Testosterone Injections:: Testosterone Cypionate For Low Testosterone
Testosterone Pellets For Male Hormone Replacement
Testosterone Pills For Low Testosterone
Testosterone Patches For Male Hormone Therapy
Testosterone Gels Raise Low Testosterone
How To Apply Testosterone Gel
testosterone treatment issues
Testosterone Therapy: Risks
Testosterone Contraindications - When Not To Use Testosterone Supplements
Testosterone Treatment: Monitoring Safety And Effectiveness
Viagra And Testosterone Therapy
How To Find A Doctor Who Can Treat Low Testosterone
low testosterone resources
Books, Websites And Other Resources About Low Testosterone
A Wellness Perspective On Low Testosterone

cancer control

cancer prevention
Cancer Prevention And Cancer Control
Preventing Cancer: Stopping Cancer Before It Starts
Breast Health Tips
integrative medicine
Cancer Treatments And The Empowered Patient -- Question Everything
Foods That Fight Cancer
Alternative And Integrative Medicine
Hyperthermia As A Cancer Treatment
for cancer survivors
Cancer Treatment Side Effects - Radiation Cystitis
Dealing With Treatment Side Effects Naturally - Surgery
cancer control resources
Dr. Donna Douglas
Hope On The Horizon


introduction to diabetes
Diabetes, Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Pre-diabetes
Diabetes: Causes And Prevention
Diabetes: Are You At Risk For Type 2 Diabetes?
Diabetes: Symptoms And Diagnosis
diabetes treatment and research
Diabetes: Treatment And Research
Diabetes Medications: Insulin And Diabetes Pills
Alternative Therapies For Diabetes
Diabetes: Latest Research
living with diabetes
Diabetes: Self-monitoring Blood Glucose
Diabetes And Eating Right
Prevent Diabetes Problems: Keep Your Teeth And Gums Healthy
Glucose Meters
Diabetes And Incontinence
Diabetes And Osteoporosis

eating disorders

Overview Of Eating Disorders
The Major Types Of Eating Disorders
Anorexia Nervosa
What Is Bulimia Nervosa
Binge Eating Disorders
Weight Cycling
Common Symptoms Of Eating Disorders
How To Overcome Emotional Eating
Eating Disorders Faq

fall prevention

introduction to fall prevention
Common Fall Risk Factors
Fall Prevention Center
Interventions To Prevent Falls Or To Prevent Injury During A Fall
fall risk
Common Fall Risk Factors
Urinary Incontinence And Fall Risk
Get Up & Go Test
Mobility Screen (*)
preventing falls and injuries with devices
Fall And Injury Prevention Devices
Hip Protectors
Common Uses Of Hip Protectors To Prevent Hip Fractures
Common Uses Of Fall Alarms
Fall Alarm Buying Guide: Alarm Sets
Fall Alarm Buying Guide: Pull Cord And Combination Alarms
Height-adjustable Beds And Absorptive Floor Mats
fall prevention at home
View Our Safety Starts At Home Fall Prevention Video
Fall Prevention At Home
Why Do Falls Occur?
Check Your Home For Fall Hazards
Self-sssessment Of Fall-risk In The Home
Dr. Rein's Home Safety Kit: A Passport To Reducing Falls
Fall Risk Checklist
Are You At Risk Of Falling?
Checklist For Spotting And Correcting Home Safety Hazards
Alzheimer's Disease: Take The Right Steps To Avoid Falls
Alzheimer's Disease: Physical And Mental Changes That Lead To Falling
Fall-proofing Tips For Alzheimer's Disease
fall prevention in institutions
Fall Prevention In Institutions
Fall Risk Factors
Assessing Fall Risk And Preventing Falls In Community-living Elderly
Strategies To Prevent Falls And Injuries In Nursing Homes And Hospitals
Best Practice: Key Steps In Fall Prevention
Fall Risk Assessment
Nursing Strategies To Reduce Fall And Injury Risk
How To Use Fall Alarms
Hip Protectors
Secure Socks Fall Risk Monitoring Program
fall prevention products for institutions
Fall Alarm Assessment Tool
Hip Protector Assessment
Gait Belt For Fall Prevention
Fall Risk Wristband And Magnet
Yellow Nonskid Socks Or Slippers For Fall Prevention
Yellow Fall Risk Alert Program
Securesleeves For Arms And Legs
fall prevention resources
Dr. Rein's Bio
Dr. Rein's Cv


Gout Symptoms, Treatments, Prevention And Diet
Gout Diet: Nutritional And Lifestyle Considerations
Gout: A Wellness Perspective
Gout Resources
Cherry Juice: A Natural Painkiller For Gout And Arthritis?


introduction to incontinence
Urinary Incontinence Symptoms, Causes And How To Manage
How The Kidneys And Urinary Bladder Work
Smoking, Obesity, Caffeine, Alcohol, And Low Fluid Intake Can Increase Risk For Urinary Incontinence
Urinary Incontinence Risk: Chronic Neurological Diseases
Urinary Incontinence Risk: Miscellaneous Factors
Incontinence And Fall Risk
causes of chronic incontinence
Causes Of Chronic Urinary Incontinence
causes of acute urinary incontinence
Causes Of Acute Urinary Incontinence
Urethral Diverticulum
Urethral Diverticulum: Email From Visitors
overactive bladder
Overactive Bladder (oab): Symptoms And Treatments
Control Overactive Bladder Symptoms
Overactive Bladder (oab) Medications And Non-drug Treatments
Overactive Bladder: Patient Assessment
bowel problems
Relationship Between Bowel Problems And Urinary Incontinence
Anatomy Of The Large Intestine
Chronic Constipation And Laxatives
Constipation Treatment
Preventing Constipation
Diarrhea Treatment
Fecal Impaction
Fecal Incontinence
A Wellness Perspective On Bowel Movements
pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation
Kegel Exercise: Pelvic Floor Muscle Rehabilitation
Kegel Exercise For Men And Women: How To Do Pelvic Muscle Exercises Correctly
Vaginal Weights (vaginal Cones): Questions & Answers
incontinence treatments
Treatment For Urinary Incontinence
Lifestyle Changes And Behavioral Therapy As Treatments For Urinary Incontinence
Behavioral Therapy To Manage Urinary Incontinence Symptoms
Toileting Programs As Treatments For Urinary Incontinence
Bladder Retraining As A Treatment For Urinary Incontinence
Biofeedback For Urinary Incontinence
Electrical Stimulation For Urinary And Fecal Incontinence
Interstim Therapy For Urinary Incontinence
Interstim: Physician Interviews
Interstim Therapy - References
Medications For Overactive Bladder And Urinary Incontinence
Surgery For Urinary Incontinence
Keeping A Bladder Record
managing incontinence
Urinary Incontinence And Overactive Bladder Symptoms: How To Control Them
Catheters:: How A Catheter Can Help Manage Urinary Incontinence
Condom Catheter:: How To Manage Urine Leakage
Incontinence Products:: Incontinence Pads And Underwear For Men And Women
Urine Leakage Can Be Managed With Absorbent Products For Incontinence
Male And Female Urinals, Commodes And Bedpans
Preventing Nighttime Voiding: Patient Education Tool
Urinary Incontinence And Skin Care
incontinence resources
Incontinence Resources
Suna News
Using The Bladderscan For Bladder Volume Assessment
Urinary Incontinence Patient Education: Handouts For Patients
Incontinence Glossary
Search Engine For Pelvic Health Information And Associates: Sephia
Urinary Incontinence Information For Pelvic Health Professionals
Free Brochures For Pelvic Health Professionals
Diane K. Newman Bio
Incontinence References

incontinence - children

Bedwetting And Urinary Incontinence In Children
Incontinence Treatments For Children
Children And Bedwetting
Bed Wetting In Children: Causes
Bedwetting In Children: How It Happens
Bedwetting In Children And Its Evaluation
Bedwetting Treatment
Medications For Bedwetting
Managing Urinary Incontinence In Children
Enuresis Alarms

incontinence - female

urinary incontinence in women
Urinary Incontinence In Women
Urinary Incontinence In Young Women
Uti: Urinary Tract Infection
Pessaries And Pelvic Organ Prolapse
Vaginal Mesh Surgery For Pelvic Organ Prolapse
Report Of A Survey Of Women With Bladder Control Disorders
interstitial cystitis
What Is Interstitial Cystitis?
Treatment For Interstitial Cystitis
vulvodynia and chronic pelvic pain
Burning Pain In The Pelvic Area And Vulvodynia In Women
What Is Vulvodynia?
Assessment Of Pelvic Pain: History And Physical Exam
Trigger Points In Chronic Pelvic Pain
Treatments For Vulvodynia And Chronic Pelvic Pain
Vulvodynia Pain Relief With Self-care
Oxalates In Foods
Physical Examination For Pelvic Disorders

incontinence - male

male incontinence
Male Incontinence: How To Manage It
Penile Clamps To Control Male Urine Leakage
Penile Clamp: Questions And Answers
Afex Incontinence System For Managing Male Incontinence
Afex Incontinence System: Questions And Answers
Afex Incontinence System Testimonials
information about Seek Wellness and its programs
Wellness Partners Editorial Board
Work Opportunities At Seek Wellness, Llc
Editorial And Advertising Policy
What Is
Our Clients
Privacy Policy
Terms And Conditions
Seekwellness Widgets
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Diane Newman On Kegel Devices
What Are Kegels?
My Personal Kegel Success Story

mental fitness

Mental Fitness
Computerized Cognitive Training

mental health

Mental Health
Postpartum Depression: Depression During And After Pregnancy


introduction to nutrition
Overview Of Nutrition
Healthy Meals And Snacks.
Healthy Eating And Exercise Tips For Older Adults
Eating Well As You Get Older
nutrition and disease
Celiac Disease
Crohn's Disease
Gallbladder Disease
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Low Cost High Fiber Recipes For A Healthy Diet
High Fiber Recipes
More High Fiber Recipes
High Fiber Recipes From Our Visitors
A Grain Of Truth About Fiber Intake

physical fitness

introduction to physical fitness
Physical Fitness
Before You Start A Fitness Program
Why Exercise Programs Don't Work
When It Comes To Exercise, Less Is More
The Fat Max Zone
Stretching And Flexibility
How To Breathe Well
exercises and programs
Stretching And Flexibility Exercises
The 30-minute-a-day, Train-for-life Program
The Target Heart Rate
Strength Exercises And Strength Training
Sample Workout Routines
Push & Pull Exercise
Fab Abs
Quick Stretch
Cardio Control
physical fitness resources
Biography Of Michael Stefano

prostate health

Psa Test
introduction to prostate health
The Prostate Gland And Prostate Problems
benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)
Bph (benign Prostatic Hyperplasia)
Bph Diagnosis
Bph Treatment (drugs For Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy)
prostate cancer
Prostate Cancer: Anatomy Of The Prostate Gland And Its Zones
Prostate Cancer Risk: Are You At Risk?
Prevent Prostate Cancer
Prostate Screening
Prostate Cancer: Testing, Grading, Staging
prostate tests and procedures
Medical Tests For Prostate Problems
Prostate Tests And How To Prepare
Prostate Exam Procedures
Discomfort After Your Prostate Test
quality of life after prostate cancer treatment
Quality Of Life After Prostate Treatments
Urinary Incontinence Following Prostate Cancer: Ui Types And Treatments
Urinary Incontinence Following Prostate Cancer: Behavioral Treatments And Surgery
Managing Urinary Incontinence Following Prostate Cancer Treatments
Erectile Dysfunction And Penile Rehabilitation After Prostate Surgery
Skin Irritation And Other Side Effects Of Radiation Treatment For Prostate Cancer
Androgen Deprivation Therapy (adt): Side Effects Of Low Testosterone
Sexual Side Effects From Prostate Cancer Treatment
prostate cancer: follow up care
Osteoporosis And Prostate Cancer
prostate health resources
Columnist Bio
Prostate Resources
prostate cancer treatments
Prostate Cancer Treatment
Watchful Waiting And Active Surveillance
Prostatectomy: Surgery For Prostate Cancer
Radiation Therapy For Prostate Cancer
Chemotherapy In Prostate Cancer
Hormone Therapy/adt (androgen Deprivation Therapy) For Prostate Cancer
Alternative And Combination Treatments For Prostate Cancer
New Treatments For Prostate Cancer
prostate-related incontinence
Post-prostatectomy Incontinence

sexuality - female

introduction to women's sexuality
Women's Sexuality And Female Sexual Dysfunction
Women's Sexual Anatomy
Women's Sexual Physiology
Women's Sexual Problems: Fsd Diagnosis
Another Viewpoint: A New View Of Women's Sexual Problems
causes of women's sexual problems
Women's Sexuality: Anatomical Problems
Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (low Libido)
Female Sexual Arousal Disorder
Female Orgasmic Disorder
Dyspareunia (painful Sex)
Medications That Cause Sexual Side Effects Or Fsd
Vulvar/vaginal Disease
Vaginal Infections, Vaginitis Or Vaginosis
Human Papillomavirus (hpv) Infection, Genital Warts
treatments for women's sexuality problems
Women's Sexual Problems: Fsd Treatments
The Future Of Treatment For Female Sexual Dysfunction (fsd)
women's sexuality resources
Bibliography And References
Women's Sexuality Resources

sexuality - male

introduction to ED
What Is Erectile Dysfunction?
Penis Size And Penis Anatomy
Erection Physiology: How An Erection Happens
Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction
About Ed: Questions And Answers About Erectile Dysfunction
Perspectives On Impotence
ED risk factors
Low Testosterone
What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?
Smoking And Erections: Can Smoking Cause Erectile Dysfunction?
Diabetes And Erectile Dysfunction (ed)
Erectile Dysfunction And Obesity
High Cholesterol And Erectile Dysfunction
High Blood Pressure And Erectile Dysfunction
Other Risk Factors For Erectile Dysfunction (ed)
diagnosing ED
Ed Exam
Tests For Ed (labs)
Sexual Health Inventory For Men (shim): Ed Questionnaire
International Index Of Erectile Function Questionnaire (iief)
treatment of erectile dysfunction
Treatment Of Erectile Dysfunction
Good Food, Good Living And Good Loving
Viagra, Levitra, Cialis For Ed
Couples Therapy, Sex Therapy For Couples
Penile Implant Surgery
Erectile Dysfunction Treatment In The Future
other sexual issues
Peyronies (peyronie's Disease)
Premature Ejaculation And Other Ejaculatory Disorders
Sex And Aging: What To Expect As You Grow Older
men's sexuality resources
Biography Of Chris Steidle, Md
Biography Of Janet Casperson, Bs, Msn, Anp-c
Sex In Ancient Greece
Find A Doctor
Bibliography: Sexuality
Resources On Impotence
factors affecting sexual performance
Link Between Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease (cvd) And Ed
High Blood Pressure, Blood Pressure Medications And Their Effects On Erections
Medications That Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction (ed)
Cholesterol And Erectile Dysfunction (ed)
Low Testosterone And Ed
sex after a heart attack
Sexual Activity And Cardiovascular Disease:: When Is It Safe?
Physical Activities After A Heart Atack

weight control

weight control
Obesity And Overweight: An Overview
Definition Of Obesity
What Is Obesity?
Causes Of Weight Gain Or Loss
Spare Tire Can Mean Metabolic Syndrome
How To Lose Weight, The Basics
Special Issues In Weight Control
Dieters Tea Makes Tea Time A Dangerous Affair
Very Low Calorie Diet (vlcd)
How To Lose Weight
How To Succeed At Weight Loss
The Importance Of Becoming Fit
body image
What Is Body Image?
Self Esteem And Body Image, For Teens And Younger Girls

wellness center

classic wellness essays
The Ardell Wellness Self-assessment Stress Test
Upstream/downstream: A Fable For Our Times
Flu Epidemics And Wellness
Elements Of Rational Social Wellness
Lifestyle Artistry
Sustaining A Wellness Lifestyle -- Tips For Success
The Nature Of Dbru Equivalents
Teaching Children About Wellness
Wellness For Dummies
Wellness Models
What Is Wellness?
interviews with wellness promoters
An Interview With Judd Allen
An Interview With Don Ardell
An Interview With Dr. William Carlyon
An Interview With Alan Caruba
An Interview With Ken Cooper
Ken Cooper's 12 Steps
An Interview With Grant Donovan
An Interview With Leigh Farnell
An Interview With Deb Gauldin
An Interview With Izzy Gesell
An Interview With Sol Gordon
An Interview With Bill Hettler, Md
An Interview With Deborah Jones
An Interview With Richard Keelor
An Interview With Julyan Lee
An Interview With Michael Peterson
An Interview With The Wellness General
An Interview With The Wellness General - Part 2
Don Ardell's events and travel schedule
Don's Events And Travel Calendar
Don's Race Results
wellness profiles - I'm not perfect, but...
I'm Not Perfect (but Parts Of Me Are Pretty Good)
I'm Not Perfect: Carol Martin
I'm Not Perfect: Marshall Cothran
I'm Not Perfect: Wendy Shore
wellness resources
Wellness Resources
Biography Of Don Ardell, Ph.d.
Ardell Wellness Report
14 Days To Wellness
Aging Beyond Belief, A New Book By Don Ardell
Keynote Presentations
Visitor Feedback
special wellness topics
Discover A Plant-based Diet
Real Wellness
Real Wellness Pioneer
spheres of wellness
Individual Wellness
Family Wellness
Community Wellness
Worksite Wellness
Global Wellness

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