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This is where we list our current accredited nursing continuing education programs.


Our andropause center has many useful tools to help assess the need for testosterone supplementation.
diagnosing low testosterone in the aging maleaging male: illustrationsADAM questionnaire for patient symptomsAMS questionnaire: Aging Male Symptom rating

fall prevention

Preventing falls in the hospital or nursing home begins with a careful fall risk assessment of patients and their environment. Let our Dr. Rein walk you through the process and explain best practices for preventing falls.
nursing strategies for preventing fallsfall risk and incontinencefall prevention in institutionsstrategies to prevent fallsbest practices in fall prevention


Read about various causes of urinary incontinence and explore Diane Newman's articles about diagnostic procedures and various treatments for UI. Note the many patient handouts available.
information for pelvic health professionalspatient assessment for overactive bladderusing the BladderScanpatient tip sheets related to incontinencebrochures for printingkeeping a bladder recordSEPHIAs Choice Database

women's health

Our experts offer information about a variety of women's health issues (not intended to be complete), some of which focuses on diagnosis and treatment.
assessment of chronic pelvic pain and vulvodyniaoveractive bladder - diagnosis and treatmentsvulvodynia and chronic pelvic pain: diagnosis and treatmentwomen's sexual problems: diagnosis and treatment
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