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diabetic supplies

FRIO Insulin Cooling wallets keep your insulin cool!

FRIO Insulin Cooling Wallets and Ice-Free Refrigeration Fitness Products keeps diabetic supplies cool without ice!

Learn more!

fitness and wellness products:


VV Skivvys, protect your underwear during your period.

With Vv Skivvys you can confidently wear white
during your period!


Antibacterial and odor free towels

Wick-er warmup towels are anti-bacterial, odor free and machine-washable!


Endofemm Heating and Cooling Pad relieves join pain and provides pain relief during your period..

Try Endofemm to relieve joint pain, or provide soothing warmth due to pelvic pain.


fall prevention

Fall alarm comparison chart.

Our fall prevention alarm comparison chart can help you find the right fall alarm for your needs.


Hip protectors cusion hips in the event of a fall.

Hip protectors can be worn to cushion the hips from impact of a fall. Our hip protectors have been evaluated and tested effective.


Seat Belt Fall Alarm Sets

Seat belt fall alarm sets are designed to alert a caregiver when a patient tries to step out of a wheel chair.


Fall alarms for the bathroom, toilet seat alarms.

This toilet pad and alarm set allows care providers to respect the privacy of those in their care, while ensuring their safety.


Bedside safety mats reduce the rist of serious head injury.

Bedside safety mats have been proven to cushion a fall. These high quality products should be a part of everyone's fall prevention checklist.


Bed pads, also known as bed exit alarms, alert you when a patient or loved one leaves their bed.

These pressure sensitive bed pads will alert you when someone has gotten out of bed.


incontinence products

Help your child avoid wetting the bed at night!

If your child is wetting the bed, Nite Train-r can help! Learn more.


Containment swim briefs, or swim diapers, allows you to swim, regardless of incontinence.

Swim diapers add comfort and confidence to summer fun


Provent bed pads protect delicate skin from bed wetting.

Provent bed pads incontinence products offer protection against bed wetting.


Treating and Managing Urinary Incontinence, Second Edition by Diane Newman

"Treating and Managing UI" written by experts in the field, Diane Kaschak Newman, R.N.C., M.S.N., C.R.N.P., F.A.A.N., and Alan J. Wein, M.D., Ph.D. (hon)


male incontinence products

afex male incontience starter kit, for managing male urinary incontinence

afex male incontinence starter kit - our most popular male incontinence product!


Humanicare offers male incontinence protection, but looks like regular men's underwear. Comes in boxers or briefs.

Humanicare for Men, Boxers and Briefs designed for men with incontinence. Incontinence pads also available.


GeeWhiz silicone condom catheter is ideal for male Incontinence, including stress incontinence, urge incontinence and overflow incontinence.

Try geewhiz male incontinence system.
Non-prescription / Medicare approved!


Sir for Men incontinence briefs are cut similar to Jockey for Men. Offers incontinence protection discreetly.

Wearever Mens Classic Incontinence Briefs incontinence briefs offer protection with a dignified look.


Provent Mens Breif & Pad Set for male incontinence

Provent mens briefs are comfortable and absorbent.


female incontinence products

Lady Fem helps new moms deal with stress incontinence.

New Moms! Don't let stress incontinence put a damper on your day! Use Lady Fem


Step Free vaginal weights trains your pelvice muscles with weighted kegel exercises.

With Stepfree Vaginal Weights, women can do kegel exercises more effectively.


Can incontinence underwear be pretty? Absolutely! Buy these lacey incontinence panties.

Mostly lace incontinence panties proves that you can have wetness protection and still look sexy.


Provent Womens' Brief for incontinence protection

Provent womens incontinence undergarments and incontinence pads.


Vibrance Kegel Device

The Vibrance Kegel Device may help restore continence after childbirth

The Vibrance Kegel Device can help you get back to continence after childbirth.


other featured products

ionic toothbrushes in four colors

The ionic toothbrush is designed to remove plaque and clean teeth, for whiter, brighter smiles.


Freshen your pet's breath with Sorbay POC mist!

Sorbay POC mist is a pet care product designed to eliminate offensive dog breath or cat breath without harsh chemicals. Say goodbye to your pet's bad breath!


Get fresh breath with Sorbay Lozenges

Sorbay Lozenges will leave you with fresh breath after meals as this hard candy dissolves in your mouth.


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