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checklist for spotting and correcting home safety hazards

by Rein Tideiksaar, PhD

We've created a checklist below for spotting and correcting home safety hazards.

Hazards Solutions
Inadequate lighting
  • Keep lights on in rooms that you are walking through. The lighting in your home must be bright so you can avoid tripping over objects that are not easy to see. Consider a nightlight for dark passageways.

  • During the day, open curtains and shades to let more sunlight in.

  • Install extra lighting along the pathway from bedroom to bathroom, by steps and stairways.

Floor Surfaces
Sliding throw rugs


Upended/curled carpet edges

  • Check all rugs and mats to make sure they are slip-resistant. Consider either buying new rugs with non-slip backing or applying nonskid matting to backs of existing rugs to make them secure.

  • Use carpet tape to keep carpet edges from curling up.
  • All pathways should be clear of objects and furnishings.

Inadequate lighting and clutter

  • Make sure stairs are well lit and free of clutter.

  • Use stairway handrails for going up or down steps.

  • Pick up things on the stairs. Always keep objects off stairs and steps.

Posted May 2010


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