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Fall Risk Assessment: "Help, My Tool Doesn’t Work!"

Every week, I receive several emails from nurses around the country with the following complaint: "I work at a hospital (or nursing home) and see a lot of the geriatric population. I was wondering if you have a fall risk tool that you would suggest. Th… more »

Fall Risk Assessments and Targeted Care Plans

by Dr. Rein on January 16th, 2011
in Fall Risk Assessment

It's becoming clear that falls in elderly hospital patients and nursing home residents are due to a small number of risk factors. Previous falls, cognitive impairment, elimination problems and frequency of toileting, use of sedative/hypnotic drugs, and m… more »

Implementing an Institutional-Based Fall Risk Assessment Program

Falls are complex events caused by multiple intrinsic factors related to mobility, sensory perception, cognitive function, medications and co-morbidities, and extrinsic or hazardous environmental conditions. In order to reduce falls, institutions need to… more »