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how to apply testosterone gel

  1. What happens if the testosterone gel is wiped off the skin accidentally?

    If this happens soon (within 1 minute) after applying the testosterone gel, the amount of testosterone absorbed through the skin will be significantly reduced. Washing immediately with soap removes 95 percent of the testosterone. After 24 hours, about 50 percent of the applied testosterone will be removed by washing with mild soap. At that point, rubbing the skin dry with a towel will remove another 10 percent of the testosterone.

  2. What is the best way to protect my female partner from testosterone gel?

    After applying the testosterone gel to your upper body, wash your hands carefully with soap and water. Wear a T-shirt during sexual contact. Alternatively, you can wait an hour after applying the gel and then wash it off with mild soap. This will reduce the chance that a female sexual partner will be exposed to testosterone. If your partner is exposed to the testosterone gel, wash the affected skin immediately to reduce the amount of testosterone that will be absorbed.

  3. Can a testosterone patch also affect a female partner?

    Yes, an increase in testosterone level of female partners may be seen due to transfer of the hormone from a male partner’s patch. As above, a T-shirt can be used to cover the area where the patch is and reduce exposure to the female.

  4. Can I shower after applying testosterone gel?

    Yes, but it is best to wait at least an hour after applying the gel. 

  5. Can an HIV positive man use testosterone gel?

    Yes, the increased testosterone can alleviate symptoms of hypogonadism in men with HIV/AIDs.

  6. Can testosterone gel help reduce depression?

    Yes, studies show that in depressed men with low testosterone, supplementation with testosterone gel may produce antidepressant effects.

  7. Where should I apply testosterone gel?

    The easiest places to apply the gel are to the shoulders or upper arms. Apply it to intact, clean, dry skin once each day at the same time, preferably after a shower. Do not apply to the genitals as the skin in these areas absorbs the hormone much too quickly. You would experience a spike in the hormone and then a drop rather than the slow, steady absorption that occurs when the gel is applied to other areas. Some testosterone gel manufacturers also reocmmend applying it to the top and inner sides of the thighs.



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