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Rid bad breath in your pets with Sorbay breath spray

Eliminate your pet's bad breath with Sorbay Pet Oral Care Mist.
Your pets will love Sorbay Pet Oral Care Mist; and you'll love how your pet's breath smells!

The Sorbay POC mist is a pet care product designed to eliminate offensive dog breath or cat breath and tartar deposits without employing harsh chemicals. Say goodbye to your pet's bad breath!


  • Eliminates offensive pet breath and tartar deposits from the mouths of dogs and cats without employing harsh chemicals.
  • The mist bottle is easy to use.
  • All mist ingredients have FDA approved uses in human food.
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The shelf life of the unopened package is 18 months. Weight of one bottle — 2.8 oz. Net bottle content — 2.0 fl. oz.

Tips for using the Sorbay Pet Oral Care Mist

When misting, hold bottle close to the mouth so as to avoid over-spraying. To further protect the eyes from accidental over-spraying, if possible, cover the eyes while misting the mouth.

Pets accept the taste of Sorbay POC Mist very well. However, it is important to avoid restraining a pet when introducing use of Sorbay POC Mist. Pets tend to respond to restraint with avoidance behavior. They can quickly associate sight of the mist bottle with oncoming restraint and go into avoidance mode. The best introduction scenario is to familiarize the pet, as part of playful rough housing, with all the mouth and cheek manipulations which will later be used in misting. Only after the animal accepts these manipulations as welcome play should misting be introduced and then briefly at first.

It is generally a good idea to pull the animal's cheek out so the mist will access the outer sides of the teeth and have an opportunity to find the back teeth where tartar buildup is greatest. Patience is the key to long term success.

Most pet owners apply the mist directly from the mist bottle. Some prefer to moisten a small clean swatch of soft fabric and rub the teeth with the moistened fabric. Others apply the mist directly to the teeth and then use a tooth brush to move it into every nook and cranny. When ready to mist, remove the tamperproof from the front of the bottle and rotate the knurled disc from the locked position to the pump ready position. Hold the bottle close enough to the pet's mouth to avoid over spraying. To avoid accidental pump depression after misting is complete, rotate the knurled disc back to the locked position.

The active ingredients eliminate unattractive pet breath by augmenting the bacteria killing activity of saliva; they eliminate tartar by undermining its structure sufficiently to cause it to fall apart.

SorbayPOC Mist is a breeze, a few seconds every other day is all it takes.

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