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Is male incontinence holding you back from doing the things you love? It may be time for afex.

Stay active and purchase the afex incontinence starter kit today!

āfex Male Incontinence Starter Kit

Afex incontinence products are used to manage male incontinence without wearing adult diapers.

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Use âfex if you ...

Participate in activities such as:

Golfing, Fishing, Hiking, Bowling, Dancing, Boating, Walking, Traveling, and Gardening

Currently use an external or condom catheter

Don't use if you ...

Have a retracted penis or less than 1 inch of length

Have a rigid implant

Have a severe loss of dexterity and/or dementia unless care-giver assistance is available

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Managing male incontinence with âfex

manage male incontinence with afex afex is an innovative breakthrough for male incontinence management. Designed by those who have incontinence and tested by urologists, afex provides comfort, convenience, and confidence, while being very cost effective.

afex starter kit

AFEX Starter Kit (a best buy)
Contains a pre-assembled system (1 brief with high-style receptacle and collection bag) plus a cleaning container and a 4 0z bottle of liquid cleanser concentrate. An instructional video is available by request. $79.85

All afex items are also available separately.
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Adhesive Free & Pressure Free
The receptacle is latex-free and ergonomically shaped for a loose fit and ventilation. It has a soft double-walled liner with drain holes to reduce skin exposure to residual urine and prevent backflow onto the body.

Convenient & Reliable
The afex collection bag doesn't require tubes or leg straps. The "turn-n-click" design makes attaching simple and quick, plus two convenient stability tabs allow you to secure the bag as needed. The bag is double-sealed to contain odor and can handle up to 16 ounces. Our "one-touch" horizontal port makes draining the contents easy and efficient.

Comfortable & Discreet

The 96% cotton briefs discreetly and comfortably support the receptacle and collection bag. It also prevents the bag from rubbing against the leg. For night use, we recommend our "snap-in" pad. This patent-pending design absorbs 12 ounces, and is easily washed and reusable over 60 times.

Cost-Effective & Money-Wise
afex is reusable and can save hundreds of dollars per year compared to disposable pads and external catheters. Estimates on savings range from 25 to 50 percent based on individual needs.

The inability to control urine is one of the most unpleasant and distressing problems from which a person can suffer, often causing isolation, depression and physiological problems. Men's anatomy poses particular problems for control systems. Until afex was developed there were few truly effective methods that men found satisfactory. The systems required too much maintenance and required it too frequently to allow men any real degree of confidence or freedom. Many were unable to undertake long distance travel or engage in physical activities, which added to their feelings of incapacity.

ARCUS MEDICAL began its research over two years ago when John Miskie, a prostate cancer survivor who was frustrated by existing methods of incontinence control, turned to his son, Mark Miskie, to design a better male incontinence device. Using necessity as a motivator, they developed what we know today as afex - an adhesive-free external collection system that works without maintenance for up to twelve hours and is convenient, liberating and cost effective. Afex has been extensively field tested before coming to market and has received enthusiastic accolades from all of its users.

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