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Book: Aging Beyond Belief by Don Ardell

If you plan to age, prepare yourself — it's later than you think. The challenge of aging well should be taken seriously, but not grimly! Whatever your age, it's never too soon, or too late, to learn and apply the fine art of aging well, really well. Discover what aspects of aging can't be changed and improve the rest that can. Mold your own realities with REAL wellness, Ardell-style.

The 69 tips — one for each year of the author's life — are thought-provoking, challenging, eye-opening, manageable and fun to read. And all provide practical guidance for intelligently designing your own life-style evolution.
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(Don's Report to the World)

How I Came to be a Wellness Promoter: A Tale of Random Good Fortune

Wednesday July 23, 2014


I'm often asked how it happened that I came to be in a position, long long ago (1975) when the earth was still cooling and our species was new to the idea of walking upright, of writing High Level Wellness: An Alternative to Doctors, Drugs and Disease; which led to a career in wellness promotion. Well, it’s a long and convoluted story. However, I can easily identify the most important factor with three words: random good fortune.

The gods
Tyche, Goddess of Fortune, Chance, Providence and Fate

Yes, I was the beneficiary of a series of unlikely and highly fortuitous events and circumstances. The New Age crowd might call my entry into and paths along a wellness profession a matter of Harmonic Convergence. In other words, my wellness career is founded on globally synchronized meditation, no doubt attributable to an exceptional alignment of planets in the solar system I inhabit.

I’m relying on you, dear reader, not to take me too seriously on this latter point.

That’s the short summary explaining my wellness-oriented lifework—random good fortune. Random fortune for good or not-so-good affects everyone’s fate, beginning at conception, birth and all that follows. Random fortune plays a major role in our immediate and ultimate fates and in affecting the quality of the lives we experience throughout our days. Such fortune or fate can be dreadful, wonderful or something in between. Most often, our lives turn out largely to be a mixture of both.

My story overall, and as it relates to wellness, was definitely shaped by an array of factors of the random good kind. While I only am aware of some such factors, I credit kind fate to the innumerable chance connections and steps leading to immersion in and enthusiasm for a REAL wellness philosophy and lifestyle.

Fortunately, I’m seldom tempted to attribute the kind of life I’ve enjoyed to virtue, to intelligence or to my good looks—real or imagined. Nor do I think that the quality of my existence is due to genetics, environment, the medical system, a religion or freedom from such a thing, a god, one person or a number of influential people—or anything else other than random good fortune. Of course most of the factors just listed did matter, a lot in most cases, but without random good fortune, things would have been very different, for better but most likely for worse. Much worse, in my view.

Good wishes, be well and may all or most of the random variables in your life go favorably for you.

Signed Don Ardell

(Ed. Note: Views expressed in this and other columns are those of the author and not necessarily those of the SeekWellness Editorial Board.)

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