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Book: Aging Beyond Belief by Don Ardell

If you plan to age, prepare yourself — it's later than you think. The challenge of aging well should be taken seriously, but not grimly! Whatever your age, it's never too soon, or too late, to learn and apply the fine art of aging well, really well. Discover what aspects of aging can't be changed and improve the rest that can. Mold your own realities with REAL wellness, Ardell-style.

The 69 tips — one for each year of the author's life — are thought-provoking, challenging, eye-opening, manageable and fun to read. And all provide practical guidance for intelligently designing your own life-style evolution.
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There's More Behind a Back Than You Ever Imagined

Thursday April 23, 2015

Introduction: A Book Review
Back Pain ReliefJohn Miller, a wellness promoter in Canberra, Australia,  has produced a readable, groundbreaking book entitled Back Pain Relief about a precious possession we usually take for granted—until it stops working as nature intended. That would be backs.
If you’ve ever wondered why your back hurts, or if you’re seeking a way to motivate yourself to do the work you more or less know is required to make it prevent back pain, if you have tried pills and medical procedures, rest and massage and wonder what else is there, Back Pain Relief is for you. If all companies required employees to take the protocol presented in this book called “The Miller Challenge” test and then engage in the follow-up powerful back regimen, nothing would so advance the “fit to work quotient” of society’s work force.
A New Perspective on the Human Back
Miller explains that musculo-skeletal pain is not a medical but rather a fitness problem. This means it’s also an alignment problem, generated by weak, tight muscles. It is almost if not actually medical malpractice when doctors focus almost entirely on the site of pain when diagnosing and treating back pain, Miller explains. 
Key Features of Back Pain Relief
There are many reasons why I recommend this book, besides the fact that it was written by a five-star REAL wellness promoter and master back coach who always take the larger view of things (i.e., an overall positive, wellbeing perspective). Let me count not all the ways, but four that make "Back Pain Relief" a must read for back owners: 
  1. The coverage afforded to the basics—everything back owners should know about pains in that area of the body as well as about neck, shoulder, wrist, hip and knee pain.
  2. The simple but key principles for back pain relief now and for prevention of problems in the future, namely, that it’s muscles that move bones out of alignment, that the cause is rarely at the site of the pain, that therapy speeds the rehab process but does not obviate the need for specific exercises that should follow therapy, that your back is getting weaker if it’s not being made stronger and that you are getting tighter if you’re not getting looser.
  3. The diagnostic approaches that Miller promotes that are not standard in most medical encounters for back pain, such as the idea that you should treat the cause of your dysfunction—not the symptom, that the focus should shift from where it hurts to what’s causing the problem and that persistence in back management trumps scattershot attempts to quickly fix the problem at its source.
  4. John MillerThe best reason is that readers will discover not just exercises for dealing with crooked backs but also larger perspectives on things that also matter, things that keep the mind rational and sharp. Readers of diverse political persuasion will be strengthened by exposure to the mighty words that Miller's genius has expressed on life’s persistent questions. Over the years of observing Miller's work, I’ve come to expect reflections on social issues along with insights on pain relief. Here’s an example: 
A good life requires the freedom to live in a democratic community, under the rule of law, in a society that believes in equality, decency, fairness and egalitarianism. We all prosper when relieved of the shackles of ancient superstitions imposed by fascists, dictators, autocrats, psychopaths, schizophrenics, criminals, mad rooters, drunks, pedophiles, adulterers, bigamists, abusers, slave owners, prostitutes, mass and individual murderers, misogynists, priests, mullahs and rabbis—and the gods conjured in their own images. The wellness orgasm thrives in a climate of liberty, freedom of expression and a fair go.
You don't find reflections like that in most medical textbooks!
The wait will be long, frustrating and expensive, as well as futile, for those who expect the medical industry to fix your back. It’s not going to happen, unless that is, you do the work. Start with this book and finish with a lifetime of specific exercise that keep your back functioning well as long as you need it to do so.

Signed Don Ardell

(Ed. Note: Views expressed in this and other columns are those of the author and not necessarily those of the SeekWellness Editorial Board.)

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