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Folex is the new innovative answer for patients with a Foley or indwelling catheter. Folex is designed to keep pressure off the skin and provides a more comfortable and convenient method for urinary collection bag management.
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Folex Starter Kit w/Men's Briefs

 (vote(s): 44)
US $49.95
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Folex starter kit includes everything you need to start using Folex. Includes 1 brief, quick-release cathetor connector, heavy duty 16 oz. specialty collection bag, a 4 oz. bottle fo liquid cleanser concentrate, plus a convenient funnel with tube for easy cleaning.

Folex Briefs

 (vote(s): 26)
Folex Briefs
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US $28.95
final price:
Briefs designed for Folex users.

Folex Leg Bag

 (vote(s): 94)
Folex Leg Bag
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US $16.95
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Use with Leg Wrap and Folex Tube Assembly. Two leg bags available: 16 oz. & 40 Oz. capacity.

Folex Leg Bag Holder

 (vote(s): 41)
US $19.95
Item number:
final price:
Use with Folex Leg Bag. Available for either thigh location or calf location.

Folex Bed Bag w/Quick-Release Connector

Folex Bed Bag w/Quick-Release Connector more info...

US $14.95
2-liter bed bag with quick-release connector.

Folex Cleaning Funnel & Tube

 (vote(s): 35)
US $6.95
To be used with Folex cleansing solution. Funnel and tube are convenient and make cleaning Folex easy.

Folex Cleansing Solution

US $6.95
Specially formulated for Folex products. The concentrated cleansing solution is packaged in a 4 oz (118 ml) bottle.

Folex Starter Kit w/Calf Bag Holder

 (vote(s): 30)
US $44.95
final price:
Includes breathable mesh one-size-fits-all holder in white or black, extension tube with comfort pad, tube stabilizer, quick-release catheter connector, heavy duty 40 oz. specialty collection bag, 4-oz bottle of liquid cleanser concentrate plus a convenient funnel with tube for easy cleaning.
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